Look 10 lbs. Lighter in 10 Seconds

The Miraclesuit® is a unique new swimsuit that contours, shapes, slims and firms the body. It is fashion-forward. It is every woman’s dream come true.

They call it the Miraclesuit® because it has three times the “holding power” of the average swimsuit and it accomplishes this without the conventional girdle control linings. The magic is in the fabric, called Miratex®, which has three times as much spandex as traditional swim-wear fabrics. Miratex® was developed after years of research. The magic is also in the way the fabric is cut and sewn … designed and fitted – engineered like no other swimsuit in the world.

When a woman puts on a Miraclesuit®, she appears to lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds … the 10 seconds it takes to slip it on. She feels 10 years younger … and 10 times more confident.

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